Tuesday, September 27, 2011

fair beginnings

Hey all!
I have a TON of stuff crafted! The Lambtown USA Craft Fair will be in full swing starting this saturday morning and I am almost ready. Just making a few last minute items and signs and I will be good to go. I'm hoping to post pictures of all of my crafty items and pictures at the fair and of all the happenings monday, so be on the lookout for awesomeness! My girls are especially excited about getting to help out with the fun.

The big theme with Lambtown is, obviously, sheep. There will be tons of handmade wool and fiber items if you all are interrested! I hope to see many of you there and can't wait to give you all an update! We will be at the May Fair Grounds in Dixon, Ca. And, if you just can't get enough, I will probably be doing another fair the weekend before Halloween in downtown Vacaville, Ca. Keep an eye out!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Setting Up Shop!

Hey there all! I know, I know. I've been gone an AWEFUL long time. It's been busy. It's been crazy. I've been both.

A big part of it, though, is because I've been a crafting maniac. Two big things have come up; I've been getting ready for the Lambtown USA craft fair on Oct. 1st in Dixon, Ca. And, two, I've set up an online shop! It's MyWyldChild and I am so happy to be able to start selling my crafty creations to you guys!

So to start my shop, I'm also doing free shipping on all of my Americana type items throu 9/11 weekend.
Also, if you're in the area, come see me in Dixon! I have a booth with two other wonderful ladies and we would love to meet you and chat!

Alrighty everyone, have a great weekend and I hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Deathly Hallows Part 2

Yes. I am a Harry Potter nerd. I'm not a fanatic, just a nerd. And -yes- there is a big difference even though I'm borderline for sure. :)
I just finished up this colossal swap on craftster.org for the premier of the last Harry Potter movie that comes out tomorrow night at midnight and I am so proud of what I made for my partner! Her favorite character is Tonks and she requested a bag or purse so that is exactly what I made her. It's a messenger bag with her favorite charachter's patronus on the flap surrounded by embroidered spells and phrases from the movie and books. Her patronus is a werewolf, and patronus's being ethereal and whatnot, I used glow in the dark thread. Love it! I made it from a pattern from a book called One Yard Wonders. I think I have to make one for myself with a rabbit on the flap. ;)

I made a ton of stuff for this swap. I think my second favorite is a decorated tea tin "from" Mrs. Weasley. I put my favorite tea, Red Lavender Rooibos.

I painted and wood burned a box for her that I sewed little cushions in to protect her own "prophecy" which is simply a painted small vial on a necklace.

 I also wrote her the prophecy on paper so she can know what it says "in the bottle". It reads:

What you’ve read and what you’ve dreamed.

You’ve imagined, but yet to see.

The time draws near for one to live.

You know his story, what he will give.

Though happiness will surely come

‘Tis bittersweet, when said and done.

A thrill will fill you at the apex

And sadness follow; nothing comes next.

Truth be told, you will be fine

As long as you open up your mind.

To read those words, or watch again,

It will never truly be the end.

I also made her a t-shirt worthy of Tonks.

Along with that, i crocheted a small pumpkin to hold her Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans and whipped up some acid pops made with purchased lollipops rolled in Pop Rocks - YUM! Plus, I added some recipes from the Unnofficial Harry Potter Cookbook that had a few of her favorites in there. ;)

Hope you guys like what I made! It was a ton of fun and I was happy to have such a great partner. :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Part of your apron!

So my kiddo and her cousin absolutely love the Little Mermaid. It's pretty sweet since that was me and my sister's favorite movie when we wee growing up, too.
Well, we had all of the paraphanalia for our room: sheets, comforters, drapes, towels, etc. and when we were old enough all of our stuff got put away and basically never seen again.
I, feeling nostalgic, found the sheets and was too excited! And my niece's birthday is this weekend, so what I decided to do was make her an apron out of those sheets. It will be such a sweet surprise for both her and her mommy!

Anywho, here is my daughter modeling the "new" apron (with many gratuitous super-hero shots):

Here's a little bit of the detailing on the apron. I put little eyelit stars and wavy "waves" all around it and anywhere the pattern called for topstitching.  I used Simplicity pattern 3949.
Thanks for taking a look!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Whimsical Note Catcher

So I created this note catcher for my mom for her birthday and I absolutely love it! It's super cute, functional, space saving, and I already had everything when I got the idea to do it, so it was free!

I bought some push pins a while back and they came in these packages where they were pushed into this brown foam. I saved the foam because I thought to myself "hey! You might use that some day!" And I totally just did. Anyway, hot glued four of them together  before adding fabric over the top. I had this creamy lace and added it to the edges, pinching and twisting at the corners (If you cut at each corner, the lace will fray and look just terrible), before twisting up a ribbon to look like a flower or star and sticking a pin in it to keep it on and in shape. The hanging ribbon I just glued to the back at a length I felt appropriate. The push pins are just plain ones that I glued buttons to the top of.

If you are looking for a type of foam to do this with, I think JoAnn's has some that you can cut down to size and make a bunch out of it.

I really like this because it has a sweet vintage feel to it without being overwhelming and it's small, only 6" square, so even if your walls are covered, there should still be a little bit of space for it.

I hope you guys like this and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.
Have a Happy Independence Day!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fabulous Steampunkery!!

Song of the day: Storybook Love from the Princess Bride movie.

So on my favorite craft site, Craftster, I’ve done some swaps with other people. Swapping is where you join in a group and a leader matches you up to your likes and dislikes and skill level. There are tons of different types of swaps: Disney, Dr. Who, Harry Potter, household stuff, hoopla, etc. I just finished a Small Steampunk Swap. I absolutely love what I received, but that’s not what this post is about.

I stepped out and tried making something new. I sew a bit here and there for me and my kids. But steampunk is new waters for me. I made her a tie on bustle
which was what she specifically wanted in her questionnaire along with an embellished tea tin
 and some wrist cuffs. While I love the bustle and tea tin, the cuffs are my favorite! I got the pattern from a book called Seams to Me and they came out fabulously with some cute little brass buttons! What do you guys think?

I’m doing a craft fair in Sacramento at the end of next month and I’m thinking of making a bunch like these and selling them. If that goes well, I might just set up an etsy shop. J We will see how it goes. Comments and constructive criticisms are welcome!

Have a great week everyone and have a great Memorial Day! Remember to thank a veteran and thank current military too!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Freezer Paper T-Shirts for kids

Song of the Day: Season of Love by Shiny Toy Guns

Hey everyone! I know it’s been quite some time since I posted but, what can I say? I got a job! So yay for me!

 As a result, I will probably be posting something every day for the next few days to play catch up. :)

 The neat thing about having a job is that I now work in a craft store so I can get crafty new things just about every day. That works perfect since it means El and I can do more things for a cheaper price. The other day she and I made t-shirts for her and her best friend. I created a stencil and copied it onto freezer paper, cut out the parts that needed cutting out and ironed the shiny side down onto the shirt. Then we painted in the stenciled parts  (making sure to put some freezer paper or plastic under the shirt and on top of what you're painting on!!) and let them dry (since we both have little patience regarding just waiting we used a hair dryer). They came out super cute!

And I think we are going to make a few more now, too. My family sponsors two kids through World Vision and these are perfect for sending through the mail. El and I have been talking and we really want to make some way cool shirts for the boy and girl we sponsor and I think it will help to show El how we can show love and create beautiful and useful things for others even if we have never met them face to face.  If you’ve never heard of World Vision, you should look into it. And if you have, but haven’t sponsored a child yet, go HERE and get started! It’s a wonderful thing to do. 99% of what is donated goes straight to the kids. It makes it so that they can have clean water and food and clothing. It also makes it so that they go to school and are able to learn what they couldn’t if they didn’t have this money. We may be in a depression or coasting in the United States, but there are places all over where children don't have enough to survive on. Even in the USA.
Ok, that’s my soap box message.  Make cool shirts, sponsor a child through World Vision.  Have a fantastic  week!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sewing Blogging Anniversary: Japanese Edition link!

Hey you guys! If you haven't heard of or read The Sew Convert you totally should! She is such an inspiration: constantly making stylish and easy clothing for herself and her family. And to celebrate her blogging anniversary she is hosting a fantastic giveaway! Check it out and have a great day!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Awesome Memory Boards!

Song of the Day:

Roll Away Your Stone by Mumford and Sons

Hey everyone! This week has been pretty fun craft and non-craft wise alike. It was my sister’s birthday this week so I made her something special that I knew she wanted. She has two kiddos of her own. Her son is in kindergarten and her daughter is getting ready for preschool and my sister had told me several times how she wished she had something to put their achievements on other than the fridge. I was only more than happy to obligeJ.

I created some cork memory boards! All I did was remove the glass from some large picture frames, put down two layers of rolled out cork onto the backs of the frames and covered it with some beautiful fabric. You could use a staple gun, but I used a hot glue gun instead, to apply the cork to the back of the frame and making sure it stays flat in the middle (no saggy middles, please!). After that, I cut some fabric to reach just an inch or so around each edge of the back of the frame and the cork, gluing (stapling) all the way around to keep it tight. To finish, I just slipped the border back into the glassless frame and the fabric and cork board back into it’s space, making sure to firmly pinch the tabs down. Voile! You now have a fantastic memory board! Now go and get some cute push pins and you have a super personalized memory board. J

The fabric I used for her sons board is called Golden Afternoon and I couldn’t help getting the skull push pins. They are too cute and very boyish!

The fabric for her daughter’s is called Mama’s Cottons and went perfectly with the cupcake push pins. J Thank you all so much for your comments and thoughts!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Crafting along.... and a fantastic Ain't-Your-Momma's-Chicken Dinner!

Hey there everyone! Sorry it's been so long since I've set up a post! I have been busy crafting for a swap and have some awesome results. However, I can't post it just yet since I know she has access to my blog and I don't want her to see the stuff before it gets to her house! It is a lot of fun, though, and if you're a fan of the movie the Princess Bride, then I'm sure you'll like it too.

If you haven't read the book by the same name, I totally recommend it! It is awesome! There are all the funny parts and lines from the movie plus a ton more! So get to it!

On a foodie note, we had the best dinner last night! I wanted to do chicken, but not the same old, same old. So, I pulled something up out of my brain that I thought would be delicious and it was! I marinated some chicken in a salad dressing that I made for the night before and it was soooooooo good!  I just got out my microplane (like a finer version of a cheese grater) and grated up about 2 inches of ginger, 5 cloves of garlic, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, a spoonful of orange juice concentrate and a half and half mix if olive oil and sesame oil. Whisk it all together and let your chicken marinate for about 6 hours. Cut into strips and add to an oiled skillet set on medium to medium high. Cook until no pink is left in the middle.

Part two? The roasted vegetables. Cut up two large red potatoes, two large sweet potatoes, 6 medium to small parsnips, and one onion into uniform pieces. I had to spread it onto two baking sheets with olive oil, a bit of salt, and some pepper. Let it roast on 400 degrees F. for 20 minutes. While it's baking, mince 5 cloves of garlic and two tablespoons of fresh rosemary. After the 20 minutes, mix up the veggies on the sheets so they will cook evenly and not dry out, sprinkle garlic and rosemary evenly, and more olive oil to your taste and stick back in the oven for another 20 minutes.

This dinner was so easy and delicious! The longest part was chopping up the vegetables. ;)
Hope you like this and enjoy!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Song of the day: Masquerade from Phantom of the Opera

Hey there all! It’s been a few days since I’ve posted, but I’ve got something fun. J My husband’s school held a Masquerade Ball this last weekend and we were each charged with making our own mask. I, being the good little girl, bought my stuff weeks ahead of time. I wanted to make a leather mask that was molded to my face. So, I went to my closest craft store and found some leather. I asked everyone if this would mold to my face when wet and they said a very resounding, “yes!”. The answer, people, was actually, “NO”!!!!
It did not mold to my face.
And while I was a “good little girl” to get all of this stuff weeks ahead of time, I was a bad little girl who did not make it/try to make it very far ahead of time. I did it two days before the ball. Gasp!
I had this awesome tutorial that I was able to mostly follow. Here’s the link: awesome leather mask!!
But, since I didn’t have the right kind of leather, and no time to speak of to go out and get said leather, I had to totally Gerry rig the back. It wasn’t too bad, though. I had black fabric and pipe cleaner on hand, plus some awesome heavy duty Loctight super glue. It looks pretty janky from the back, but nobody got to see that part (yay me!)

I fixed the rest of my mask up with little jewels and some feathers which I crimped onto embroidery floss. I think the end effect is pretty nice.

I know you are all looking at my husband’s mask right about now and asking, “Holy cow! Did she make that?” The answer to that is also a “No”. J My husband bought that mask years ago at the Northern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire when it was at the Nut Tree. This was also before we got married and worked at the same Sticky Buns Booth. Actually, that was the year we got engaged.  ;)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Free Lucky Cat Pincushion and make it yourself No Sew Hat Pincushion!

Hey guys! Just a quick blog today!

Would you like to make your own No Sew Hat Pincushion? It's so simple and cute! Simply go here:
http://www.sewweekly.com/2011/04/no-sew-hat-pincushion-tutorial.html and follow the tutorial!
If you’re not a fan of the Sew Weekly, you should totally check them out. Right now they are doing 30 days of free pincushions. Today’s free pincushion? The Lucky Cat Pincushion by Anne Robishaw. You can find her other pincushions on etsy under her shop, Blushful. Not only that, but she is also giving everyone 25% off their order during the spring if you put in the discount code TSW25!! How amazing is that?
All you have to do to win any of these pincushions is check out the new one each day, do what you’re told to do, post it, and voila! Then you just sit back and wait to see if you’ve won. So easy. J
So, go to http://www.sewweekly.com/2011/04/lucky-cat-pincushion.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheSewWeekly+%28The+Sew+Weekly%29 to get in on this cute Lucky Cat Pincushion and these 30 days of pincushions! Stick around and see the other great deals that the sellers are offering!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sweet Circles, Batman! To the Hospital!

Yes, I procrastinated. It happens.  Do you ever have those projects where you are really excited to get working on them and then you get frustrated and just kind of want to put it down? That was totally me. I took a break for a night (ok, two) and was absolutely set on finishing it this afternoon. Seriously, I had just finished sewing the long end of my strap closed. All I had to do was edge stitch the other side and insert the strap, sewing it closed on both ends. Then I got a horrible phone call.
My husband called (very calm, by the way) and said that El fell and slammed her head onto one of the metal chair legs at church. She was bleeding a lot, and definitely needed stitches and would I please get a hold of her doctor?
Yes, I absolutely would! Except that it was after hours. And the Urgent Care at her clinic wasn’t equipped to handle stitches. Thankfully, there was a hospital close to our house that we went to and, wonder of wonders!, the E.R. wasn’t packed! It wasn’t even busy! I think we wound up waiting fifteen minutes before we got sent in to see a doctor. She got all of the little things taken care of; heart rate, temperature, weight, etc. By this time, I hadn’t seen the extent of the damage – my husband is really good and had gotten her bandaged up with gauze and cleaned up pretty ok. She did have some blood caked in her hair and I did have to soak her dress in the bath tub, but I already knew head wounds bled a lot, so I was already prepared. But I wasn’t so much prepared when they took the bandage off. It was small, yes, maybe an inch. But it was deep. I saw bone. I almost threw up. However, I wanted to be strong for the kiddo, so I didn’t say anything. They numbed and stitched her up with five stitches and she was good to go. She didn’t even cry in the hospital. Holy cow.

Boy, was I thanking God after that mess.
My tough little girl. Did I mention she likes snakes? She got to hold one yesterday and was just too excited. She actually is the girliest girl I have ever met, but man! She has the heart of a lion!
So, long story short; snakes yesterday, almost finished a strap, blood, E.R., stitches, milkshake, bed. The stress from the purse was nothing compared to this, and I finished it in a much more relaxed manner.

Thank you, God, for putting things in perspective. Please don’t do it again.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beautiful Day, Beautiful Purse….. Almost.

Song of the Day: Walking on Sunshine by Katrina & the Waves
Wow! What a great day out today! And tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer. Here in Northern Ca, we are having our first real feel of spring. I think it was 77 degrees out? And tomorrow it’s supposed to be 80! The windows are all open, my plants look pretty happy now that they’re not dying anymore, and even the dog wants to be on the patio. J We had a great picnic at the park today, too! Me and the girls met up with some other moms and had a fun time, and are going to make some fantastic cupcakes at E’s friend’s house tomorrow. I think we are definitely spending some time out on our cleaned up patio today. J

Now, if I can just get this stinkin’ purse finished.  Here’s a little back story: One day, I went to lunch with my awesome mother-in-law. We had a delicious meal at Red Robin, then went to Teavanna at our mall. Somewhere between the two, my favorite Tinker Bell purse went missing (I’ve already laid my sadness, to rest, sung a dirge, and spread the ashes.) Happily, I didn’t have anything in it. I mean NOTHING. I had my wallet, phone, iTouch, and keys in my jacket pockets. Why, you ask? I have no idea. A stroke of luck? A God-appointed happening? I don’t know.

So, instead of buying a new one, I decided to make my own. It’s troubling. It’s distressing. I can’t seem to figure out why the directions don’t work. Oh, right! Because they are incomplete. I really love this purse pattern, too! It’s a quilted circles purse pattern from the book One Yard Wonders, but I’ve never quilted before, and the book failed to tell me to use a heavy-duty needle (I’m a newbie sewer and didn’t think about this when starting) and I broke the needle. And then another one. I finally got a heavy needle, and it works ok, but now I’m supposed to add bias tape (made my own, thank you very much) over the already thick part of the purse and, I gotta say, I’m thinking of skipping it and just pinking the edges.  What would you guys do?

Other than this, I’m really happy with it. I’ve made a few minor changes to the original design like using a button and loop instead of a magnetic closure, and I really like how it looks. I'll be able to show you all tomorrow. :)
I still have to put the purse handle on, but that will happen tonight. And do the bias tape on the inside. Or not. We’ll see.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

King of Babies Lion Beanie!!

I know it’s been a bit longer than I expected to post this pattern, but here it is! I give you……

The King of Babies Lion Beanie!!!
This beanie is just too cute for words. ;)

King of Babies Lion Beanie
Note: This beanie started life as a Bernat Bear Baby Beanie. I have changed the yarn size, and thus, most of the pattern because of it.
Size: 18 months
Materials: You want something chunky like Homespun. You will need two colors – a main color and a contrast color. You will not use a whole ball of yarn for either colors.  You will also need a size 5 mm hook (US H or 8)
Note: Ch. 2 at beg of rnds does not count as hdc throughout.

With Main Color, ch 3.
1st rnd: 8 hdc in 3rd ch from hook. Join with sl st to first hdc. 8 hdc.
2nd rnd: Ch 2. 2 hdc in each hdc around. Join with sl st to first hdc. 16 hdc.
3rd rnd: Ch 2. *1 hdc in next hdc. 2 hdc in next dc. Rep from * around. Join with sl st to first hdc. 24 hdc.
4th rnd: Ch 2. *1 hdc in each of next 2 hdc. 2 hdc in next dc. Rep from * around. Join with sl st to first hdc. 32 hdc.
5th rnd: Ch 2. * 1hdc in each of next 3 hdc. 2 hdc in next hdc. Repeat from * around. Join with sl st to first hdc.
This completes the head part of the beanie. Continue in the same Main Color for the first chin strap.
Chin Strap:
 Ch 2. 1 hdc in each of next 7 hdc. Turn. Leave remainng stitchess unworked.
Next row: Ch 2. [Yarn over hook and draw up a loop in next st] twice. Yarn over hook and draw through all 5 loops on hook – hdc2tog made. 1 hdc in each next 3 hdc. Hdc2tog. Turn.
Next row: Ch 2. Hdc2tog. 1 hdc in each of next 2 hdc. Hdc2tog. Tie off.
Next row: Ch 2. 1 hdc in each hdc to end of row. Turn.
Repeat last row (if necessary) until chin strap measures 2 ½ inches.
This completes the first chin strap. To do the other one, join w/ a slipstitch on opposite side of beanie. Repeat instructions for previous chin strap.
Front Ears (make 2).
With Alternate color, ch 3.
1st row: 7 hdc in 3rd ch from hook. Turn. 7 hdc.
2nd row: Ch 2. 2 hdc in each hdc to end of row. Join MC. Turn. 14 hdc.
3rd row: with MC, ch 1.sc in each of next hdc to end of row.*Fasten off.
Back Ears (make 2).
With MC, work as for Front Ears, omitting color references.


Join Ears:
With accent color on top of main color, join with main color with sl st through both thicknesses and work 1 rnd of sc around Front and Back Ears to join. Join with sl st to first sc. Fasten off.
Attach ears to head: With MC, WS ears to hat in appropriate places. Tie off. Weave in ends.
Edging: Join A with sl st at center back of Hat. Ch 1. Work 1 rnd of sc evenly around, working 3 sc in corners of Chin Straps. At middle of chin straps, *chain 25. SC in second chain from hook. Continue back up the tie* and continue sc the rest of the round until you reach the middle of the second chin strap. Repeat from *. Finish sc around and join with sl st to first sc. Fasten off.
Mane: Cut 17 strands 10 in long in each color. Tie 6 strands of each color to side leading down the left chin strap, 6 strands of each color to side leading down the right chin strap, and the last 5 strands of each color across between each ear. Trim yarn to desired mane length.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rainy, Rainy Day

Song I’m listening to today? Out in the Park by Sarah Slean. Awesome song!!
It’s raining. Again. And while I love the rain, sometimes it really stinks. But, and this is why God is so good, just when I think I can’t handle it anymore it stops. My husband gets home and I suddenly have an opportunity to get out of the house!
I thought, “Hey! I can go shop for more fabric!” I really thought about it. Then I decided that I have already bought enough fabric this month and decided I should go for a run instead. Sitting in the house all day with kids makes Mommy a crazy bear. So, I went for a run.
And I was so happy I did! Not only did I get some energy burned off, but it was the most beautiful run ever! There is a bike path that borders a wetland preserve right near our house. It is literally a two minute walk away. It was so beautiful and green - just like what I would picture Ireland or someplace like it looking like. Ironic, what with St. Patty’s Day being a few days ago. Anyway, it was gorgeous and I was gone for an hour.
After getting back home, I decided to go back again a day or so later (it was still rainy) and take a few photos. Here they are!

Note! I am totally going to visit Ireland one day. ;)

To tell the truth, I actually do love it when it is raining. Yes, it’s hard to get out and do stuff with the kids, but it makes for great crafting time! I was able to create my own pattern for a crocheted lion beanie! This size is for a 12 month old, but my 4 year old was still able to fit in it pretty easily. One of my closest friends is having a baby boy in May and the theme for his room is the jungle/Savanna. Her brother painted this beautiful picture from the Lion King that I just had to make something for! So cute!

Anyway, I will post the pattern in a few days, once I finish correcting a thing or two. J

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day deliciousness!

Ok, so I usually just do a potato soup deal for St. Patty's Day, but this time I went a bit bigger. Not much. Just a bit. But it was fan-freakin'-tastic!

So, yeah, I'm a pretty big Harry Potter nerd and I bought the Unoffocial Harry Potter Cookbook on my Nook a few days ago. I think it's just super cool how there's this whole fictional world but they use normal (normal for most Brit's and outer-islanders, anyway) foods. Then, somebody way cool comes along and collects these recipes, sites them in the books, and totally puts it into a droolworthy book.

Without any further ado, I give you *drumroll* Guinness Stew and Irish Soda Bread!

Are you drooling yet? And the best part? I have left over bread to make French Bread for breakfast tomorrow! Yum, yum!

And, yes, I did wear green today. Slainte and Eirin go Bragh!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wild children

Enya’s a Day Without Rain album has a song called Wild Child. I think this is absolutely appropriate. It encompasses so many meanings. My daughter, Eleorah is such a wild child. I am a wild child in God’s house. I am rebellious. I am wild. I am constantly testing limits, for good or bad. Yet, through it all, I am a child. God is constantly teaching me new and exciting things. I get to be a stay-at-home mom with my two girls. I think God uses children more than anything else to show us either how wise or foolish we can be. 
My kids constantly amaze me. Eleorah is the epitome of Wild Child.
Ever close your eyes
Ever stop and listen
Ever feel alive
And you've nothing missing
You don't need a reason
Let the day go on and on

Let the rain fall down
Everywhere around you
Give into it now
Let the day surround you
You don't need a reason
Let the rain go on and on
Elli is one of those children, like me, who would just dance in the rain on a cool summer night. She just closes her eyes and spins. If it’s raining, if it’s dry, whether inside or outside, it doesn’t matter. She does as she pleases. She imagines things and then she’s all-of-a-sudden apart of it. It is real to her.
M`aire. She is a beautiful piece of God’s work, too. She is my mellow child. I think she will be wild when she gets older. She is calm and peaceful; content to play with what you give her. She is also only 16 months old. She is such a treasure and has a passion for food. She loves all kinds and I love that about her. Eleorah is not adventurous when it comes to eating, but M`aire’s tastebuds surpass everyone elses that I’ve ever met. She wants Thai, Mexican, Chinese, and American all on the same night! I love it and pray that my tastes will develop more because of her.
I love both of my girls and my husband who provides for our family. It’s because of him that I get to do the things I love most; stay home with our children and watch them grow. And I want to create beautiful things for them. That’s one way I can show how much I love them. I can craft, sew, or crochet them beautiful things and teach them about beauty and God’s love. Eleorah has already told me she wants to crochet. It’s cute. She holds a crochet hook and a ball of purple yarn with a chain stitch already started for her and pretends to do what mommy is doing. Priceless. M`aire is content with unrolling said ball of yarn all over the floor.
So let’s let the day go on and on.