Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sweet Circles, Batman! To the Hospital!

Yes, I procrastinated. It happens.  Do you ever have those projects where you are really excited to get working on them and then you get frustrated and just kind of want to put it down? That was totally me. I took a break for a night (ok, two) and was absolutely set on finishing it this afternoon. Seriously, I had just finished sewing the long end of my strap closed. All I had to do was edge stitch the other side and insert the strap, sewing it closed on both ends. Then I got a horrible phone call.
My husband called (very calm, by the way) and said that El fell and slammed her head onto one of the metal chair legs at church. She was bleeding a lot, and definitely needed stitches and would I please get a hold of her doctor?
Yes, I absolutely would! Except that it was after hours. And the Urgent Care at her clinic wasn’t equipped to handle stitches. Thankfully, there was a hospital close to our house that we went to and, wonder of wonders!, the E.R. wasn’t packed! It wasn’t even busy! I think we wound up waiting fifteen minutes before we got sent in to see a doctor. She got all of the little things taken care of; heart rate, temperature, weight, etc. By this time, I hadn’t seen the extent of the damage – my husband is really good and had gotten her bandaged up with gauze and cleaned up pretty ok. She did have some blood caked in her hair and I did have to soak her dress in the bath tub, but I already knew head wounds bled a lot, so I was already prepared. But I wasn’t so much prepared when they took the bandage off. It was small, yes, maybe an inch. But it was deep. I saw bone. I almost threw up. However, I wanted to be strong for the kiddo, so I didn’t say anything. They numbed and stitched her up with five stitches and she was good to go. She didn’t even cry in the hospital. Holy cow.

Boy, was I thanking God after that mess.
My tough little girl. Did I mention she likes snakes? She got to hold one yesterday and was just too excited. She actually is the girliest girl I have ever met, but man! She has the heart of a lion!
So, long story short; snakes yesterday, almost finished a strap, blood, E.R., stitches, milkshake, bed. The stress from the purse was nothing compared to this, and I finished it in a much more relaxed manner.

Thank you, God, for putting things in perspective. Please don’t do it again.


  1. Oh how terrifying! For you, probably not your daughter - kids are so resilient, aren't they? So glad she's okay.

  2. I love how Elli is always your model for your projects. :) Glad to hear she's ok. Poor little princess.

  3. Thanks guys. :) She is totally ok. Kids really are so resilient and Elli is no exception. What did I catch her doing this morning? Jumping from couch to couch. *face palm* >_<