Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Deathly Hallows Part 2

Yes. I am a Harry Potter nerd. I'm not a fanatic, just a nerd. And -yes- there is a big difference even though I'm borderline for sure. :)
I just finished up this colossal swap on for the premier of the last Harry Potter movie that comes out tomorrow night at midnight and I am so proud of what I made for my partner! Her favorite character is Tonks and she requested a bag or purse so that is exactly what I made her. It's a messenger bag with her favorite charachter's patronus on the flap surrounded by embroidered spells and phrases from the movie and books. Her patronus is a werewolf, and patronus's being ethereal and whatnot, I used glow in the dark thread. Love it! I made it from a pattern from a book called One Yard Wonders. I think I have to make one for myself with a rabbit on the flap. ;)

I made a ton of stuff for this swap. I think my second favorite is a decorated tea tin "from" Mrs. Weasley. I put my favorite tea, Red Lavender Rooibos.

I painted and wood burned a box for her that I sewed little cushions in to protect her own "prophecy" which is simply a painted small vial on a necklace.

 I also wrote her the prophecy on paper so she can know what it says "in the bottle". It reads:

What you’ve read and what you’ve dreamed.

You’ve imagined, but yet to see.

The time draws near for one to live.

You know his story, what he will give.

Though happiness will surely come

‘Tis bittersweet, when said and done.

A thrill will fill you at the apex

And sadness follow; nothing comes next.

Truth be told, you will be fine

As long as you open up your mind.

To read those words, or watch again,

It will never truly be the end.

I also made her a t-shirt worthy of Tonks.

Along with that, i crocheted a small pumpkin to hold her Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans and whipped up some acid pops made with purchased lollipops rolled in Pop Rocks - YUM! Plus, I added some recipes from the Unnofficial Harry Potter Cookbook that had a few of her favorites in there. ;)

Hope you guys like what I made! It was a ton of fun and I was happy to have such a great partner. :)

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