Tuesday, September 27, 2011

fair beginnings

Hey all!
I have a TON of stuff crafted! The Lambtown USA Craft Fair will be in full swing starting this saturday morning and I am almost ready. Just making a few last minute items and signs and I will be good to go. I'm hoping to post pictures of all of my crafty items and pictures at the fair and of all the happenings monday, so be on the lookout for awesomeness! My girls are especially excited about getting to help out with the fun.

The big theme with Lambtown is, obviously, sheep. There will be tons of handmade wool and fiber items if you all are interrested! I hope to see many of you there and can't wait to give you all an update! We will be at the May Fair Grounds in Dixon, Ca. And, if you just can't get enough, I will probably be doing another fair the weekend before Halloween in downtown Vacaville, Ca. Keep an eye out!

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