Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wild children

Enya’s a Day Without Rain album has a song called Wild Child. I think this is absolutely appropriate. It encompasses so many meanings. My daughter, Eleorah is such a wild child. I am a wild child in God’s house. I am rebellious. I am wild. I am constantly testing limits, for good or bad. Yet, through it all, I am a child. God is constantly teaching me new and exciting things. I get to be a stay-at-home mom with my two girls. I think God uses children more than anything else to show us either how wise or foolish we can be. 
My kids constantly amaze me. Eleorah is the epitome of Wild Child.
Ever close your eyes
Ever stop and listen
Ever feel alive
And you've nothing missing
You don't need a reason
Let the day go on and on

Let the rain fall down
Everywhere around you
Give into it now
Let the day surround you
You don't need a reason
Let the rain go on and on
Elli is one of those children, like me, who would just dance in the rain on a cool summer night. She just closes her eyes and spins. If it’s raining, if it’s dry, whether inside or outside, it doesn’t matter. She does as she pleases. She imagines things and then she’s all-of-a-sudden apart of it. It is real to her.
M`aire. She is a beautiful piece of God’s work, too. She is my mellow child. I think she will be wild when she gets older. She is calm and peaceful; content to play with what you give her. She is also only 16 months old. She is such a treasure and has a passion for food. She loves all kinds and I love that about her. Eleorah is not adventurous when it comes to eating, but M`aire’s tastebuds surpass everyone elses that I’ve ever met. She wants Thai, Mexican, Chinese, and American all on the same night! I love it and pray that my tastes will develop more because of her.
I love both of my girls and my husband who provides for our family. It’s because of him that I get to do the things I love most; stay home with our children and watch them grow. And I want to create beautiful things for them. That’s one way I can show how much I love them. I can craft, sew, or crochet them beautiful things and teach them about beauty and God’s love. Eleorah has already told me she wants to crochet. It’s cute. She holds a crochet hook and a ball of purple yarn with a chain stitch already started for her and pretends to do what mommy is doing. Priceless. M`aire is content with unrolling said ball of yarn all over the floor.
So let’s let the day go on and on.

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